Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: What if the Difference?

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: What if the Difference? 1

For more on Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil watch http://bit.ly/2lS2PYK for a good overview. For “Nature’s Miracle” see http://bit.ly/2kKtKVW for PAIN reduction. This is a new patented CBD formulation that targets Pain and Inflammation more effectively than conventional CBD. (If you try this please send me your testimonial.)

This video covers CBD for PTSD. Vets with PTSD are finding the CBD PTSD connection helpful.

CBD oil and cancer is an important topic covered by Ty Bollinger.

There is much confusion regarding Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil because the words CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are often used interchangeably. And, many people incorrectly associate Hemp and CBD with marijuana. It is my hope that this Hemp Oil vs CBD oil video clears this up.

CBD oil and cancer are addressed by Ty Bollinger, author of the book “Cancer: Step Outside the Box.” CBD oil for cancer is a hot topic

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Be sure to watch for the next video in this CBD series that talks about why CBDa is a Game Changer in the CBD Industry and how new patented processing methods just made CBD much more effective and bioavailable.

In summary, this Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil video addresses CBD for PTSD, CBD oil and cancer. Since Chronic Pain affects so many people this video addresses both CBD oil for chronic pain and hemp oil for chronic pain. You see how these words can be used interchangeably.

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