CBD Salves The Definitive Guide 2019

CBD Salves The Definitive Guide 2019 1

Salves, oils, tinctures, creams, butters, balms, lotions, moisturizers… what’s one to make of all these meandering terminologies within the cannabis marketplace? Just what is a salve, anyway? And what’s the difference between CBD salve and CBD oil, for that matter? Or the difference between a salve and a cream?

Certainly we can appreciate the honesty of these kinds of questions, as well as the bevy of confusion that accompanies most folks when pondering the list of topical cannabis options that are out there both online and on the shelves of marijuana dispensaries.

That’s why, in this article, we’ve made it a point to explain as cut and dry as possible everything you need to know about CBD salves; what they’re used for, how they’re made, what kinds of medical conditions they can potentially treat, and how they differ from other CBD products like oils and creams.

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