cloudco farms cbd hemp oil presented by salon center

cloudco farms cbd hemp oil presented by salon center 1

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CloudCo Farms CBD Hemp Oil Presented by The Salon Center

CBD is an acronym for Canna.. Bi.. Diol. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid.
Cannabinoids are tiny, slippery, resinous compounds that act as
messengers throughout the entire body and work like
lock & key systems for your brain, nerves, blood and spinal fluid.
Superior CBD products such as those found in CloudCo Farms Full Spectrum CBD
is carefully managed in the production process
to achieve an optimal, balanced inventory of cannabinoids.
This is validated by their 3rd party testing
to ensure purity and compliance with government THC regulations.
Cannabinoids are also a part of our complex human
operating system of enzymes and hormones.
We all produce these cannabinoid compounds inside our bodies.
It is called the Endo Cannabinoid System (ECS).
There are little cannabinoid receptors (key holes)
found throughout our mammalian body.
Endo cannabinoids – are cannabinoids inside you.
Phyto cannabinoids – are cannabinoids found in the foods that we eat.
For instance: Cacao – Chocolate contains cannabinoid compounds and magnesium.
Hemp (Cannabis)
In addition to CBD, hemp is easily consumed as
non-psychoactive foods: hempseed nut butter, hempseed oil,
hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, hemp milk, etc.
(Whole Foods) Echinacea, Great for preventing colds

Benefits of CBD

There are critical keys that are required to keep our bodies protected and feeling good.
In addition to food, proteins and fats, we have little workers inside our bodies called enzymes,
as well as cannabinoids, which contain beneficial substances.
They act as a concierge for neurotransmitters in the brain;
and another sliding through spinal fluid like turpentine cleaning up house.
In our increasingly toxic environment, CBD acts as a neuroprotectant,
an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and therefore is fundamentally anti-aging.
These cannabinoid keys will open doors and allow a nutrient or message to enter a cell,
while at the same time keeping tresspassers out, like bacteria.
In a nutshell, cannabinoids regulate the cellular communication within our bodies.
They are the messengers and the gatekeepers to maintain balance within the system.

When talking about the benefits of CBD:

Many are convinced about the benefits that cannabinoids have to offer as a
natural and safe way to alleviate symptoms from a plethora of maladies.
There are thousands of documented stories of people
who have benefited from the use of plant cannabinoids.
Although the Cannabinoid Society list about 25 “treatable conditions,” we never discuss CBD from this perspective.
In fact, we have a standard disclaimer since the efficacy of these products
has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research.
“These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for
or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners.”

CloudCo Farms is a family owned and operated hemp cultivation
and processing facility in Colorado’s Saint Luis Valley.
In operation since 2015
All organically cultivated and processed.
Dedicated to producing the very best CBD product in the industry.
Won 1st Place CBD at Colorado’s Indo Expo “Grow Hemp” competition in 2019.
Fully integrated, seed to table approach
Complete control of all aspects of genetics, growing, product production and sales.
Over 80 producing acres.
CloudCo produces and sells CBD tinctures & CBD lotions individually and in bulk.
CloudCo Farms superior Full Spectrum CBD carefully managed
for optimal, balanced inventory of cannabinoids.
3rd party testing to ensure purity.
CloudCo Farms CBD tinctures contain Cannabinoids that are:
and Anti-aging.
Available NOW from your local Salon Center Representative
or by calling 205-940-1140

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