Best CBD Beauty Products | Calm By Wellness | Mayhem Beauty 💋

Best CBD Beauty Products | Calm By Wellness | Mayhem Beauty 💋 1

In today’s a video I will be going over some of the best CBD oil to use in your beauty products.

First I would like to have a disclaimer if you try anything that I’ve done in this video please be sure that you have checked with your doctor to make sure that it is safe for you to use.

The CBD oil I am using is by a company called calm by wellness and I have their CBD sleep oil tincture. the Sleep oil Tincher provides you with better sleep and helping Aid in insomnia and anxiety.

Not only is the CBD oil good for Sleep anxiety and insomnia but I also put this in my beauty products because it has a high content of fatty acids.

I have used this oil and some of my moisturizer for a beauty CBD oil moisturizer as well as put it into my conditioners for a CBD oil conditioner, the things that I found out with using the CBD oil in my beauty product is that my skin Not only was better but it was way softer and a lot of the pimples that I had on my face had decreased in size because CBD oil is great for inflammation.

As far as using it in my conditioner I have only used it just a couple of times but I did notice that my hair was way softer, I have also heard that it aids in hair growth because of the fatty acid that is in the CBD oil.

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