CBD and LED at Calvert Rejuvenations | Serenity Massage

CBD and LED at Calvert Rejuvenations | Serenity Massage 1

Serenity Massage: CBD and LED Phototherapy!
571-323-1088, Herndon, VA spa, one mile from Reston Town Center

A super special 90-minute custom massage created specifically for the deepest of relaxation, pain management and overall soothing muscle & joint discomfort.

You will experience profound alleviation of pain and muscle tension and a swift and deep state of relaxation that is very different than massage without CBD or LED therapy.

Our specially formulated CBD lotion provides a clinically effective, therapeutic dose of powerfully anti-inflammatory Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, healing Arnica, calming Lavender essential oil. While there is no “high” associated with CBD oil, zero THC in our formula, you’ll likely experience mind-bending relaxation and sweet pain/tension relief faster than you’ve experienced before

LED light facilitates deep penetration of the therapeutic ingredients in the CBD lotion, while simultaneously reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and oxygenation of the blood, and improving levels of nitric oxide in the blood, (our natural analgesic)

90 minutes | 120 minutes, from $240
With Magnesium only- NO CBD- 90 | 120 minutes, from $228

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