Boston-Based CBD Company, Boston Hempire’s Golden Hour

Boston-Based CBD Company, Boston Hempire's Golden Hour 1

Boston-based Hemp and CBD Company. Boston Hempire’s Golden Hour.

The CBD/Hemp Industry is POPPING right now, and many people are looking for a way to tap into the industry, so it was huge to have our guys from Boston Hempire up on the show. Brandon and Kevin run Boston Hempire: A Hemp and CBD product Wholesaler. They sell a plethora of products including Hemp Flower, CBD Gummies, Topical Ointments, and they’re really getting they are just getting started. I (Conor Holway) do not smoke, so it was wicked interesting to hear why this industry is booming so much, and how they’ve absolutely hustled to get their company off the ground. Real Boston Hustle Baby Boy! Hope you guys enjoy.

GDP Talking Points from My Guys:
• The Non-Psychoactive Nature of Hemp and it’s Health benefits
• How To Get a Start in the Hemp/CBD Industry
• How They Started Boston Hempire (Cashing out their 401k)
• How They Pitch to Retailers to Sell Their Products
• The Negative Connotations of Hemp/CBD

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